What a beautiful and sunny island! Finally, we made it here and enjoyed every second of it! Thanks Frankie and TAO team for the great organization and warm welcome. I will be back! 
— Tommy Emmanuel
Excellent time in Malta, thanks guys. Everything was great, hotel, food, production and the venue was incredible. Thanks for the great organization and taking good care of us.
— Stephen Law (Tommy Emmanuel Tour Manager & FOH)
I had such a great time in Malta. Big thanks to my new friend Frankie Calleja for making it happen. He’s a big fan of acoustic guitar and decided he was gonna start bringing guitarists to Malta. This was his second time promoting a show and as you can see, he did a great job! (So all of my guitarist friends, if Frankie invites you, take him up on it!)
— Andy Mckee
Malta was a revelation, and there are already plans for a return visit next year. CAN’T WAIT! Thank you all for making me feel welcomed and so very at home.
— Don Ross
Be in no doubt about it, Tao Productions will continue to go from strength to strength as they introduce world class acts to the beautiful island of Malta. Frankie and team are engaged in a tireless effort to provide their culturally literate audience with top acts. This is no small task, when you consider that Malta is a relatively new destination for the likes of Tommy Emmanuel, Don Ross and Andy McKee. Combining their vision and drive with a keen understanding of their audience, Tao Productions are gaining an excellent track record. I’m excited for the future and can only wait and see who they will invite to perform in this vibrant scene throughout coming years.
— Matt Sofianos (Guitarist & Former Vice President - Pershing LTD)
If the theatre had to have a roof, yesterday it would have been blown away! Yesterday’s concert was an unforgettable experience. The hot club of Valletta were incredibly good. World class and the people loved them. I’ve been waiting to see Tommy for quite a long time. I remember meeting Frank and telling him, you should get Tommy, his answer was, “that would be a dream come true” There you go.. I’m glad your dream came true, thanks for taking such a risk and believing in it. Yesterday you gave us a chance to watch something very special. I guess everyone who was there will agree with me that yesterday was unique. Surely it will be one of those concert I will never forget
— Pawlu Borg Bonaci (Comedian, Guitarist & Rockestra founder)
Pjazza Teatru Rjal’s August was made even more special this year with a performance by the amazing Tommy Emmanuel. A big round of applause for the great master and full marks to TAO Productions for their impeccable organisation.
— Christopher Muscat (Artistic director operations - Malta Philharmonic Orchestra & Pjazza Teatru Rjal Director)
I’ve only been to one TAO production, the Tommy Emmanuel show, and it was a fantastic event! Great sound, great venue, everything ran smoothly. I also loved the choice of the warm up act before Tommy. Hats off to everyone involved, you could tell the show was produced out of passion towards the finger-style genre.
— Peter Borg (Red Electric guitarist / Producer & Sound Engineer at Railway Studios)
Superb artist, great organisation, magical venue. Tao excel because they are genuine music lovers and it shows.
— Ivan Filletti (Vocalist)
The Pjazza Teatru Rjal has seen quite a few memorable performances ever since its (re)inauguration, and without a doubt, last Wednesday’s concert from TAO Productions was one of them.
— Michael Bugeja - (Music journalist & Rockna radio host)
What a show! 5 Star all the way. Tommy was a true master last night! I can’t wait until he comes back to Malta.
— Jason Zammit (Oz & Jay host and XFM Station manager)
Brilliant Night :) Top notch organisation that lead to a very enjoyable and inspiring evening. Keep them coming!
— Jonathan Ellul (Guitarist & Music Teacher)
Thank you thank you thank you for the orgasmic gig yesterday with Tommy Emmanuel. You have given us the best concert in years (in my humble opinion). Great seeing you support Hot Club of Valletta too. You Rock TAO!
— Frank Buhagiar
Another great event by TAO productions, great artists and a great vibe, very professional. Keep up the great job, till the next one!
— Nic Morales (No Snow No Alps Guitarist & Rock The South founder)
To say that the audience was enthusiastic is a bit of an understatement really. The total silence during songs and the fact that everyone had eyes front and neck craned to watch is enough evidence.
— Mark Debono (Times Of Malta)
Its so rare to find such good quality, In Malta and over seas, these guys really love doing what they do, and the comfort was felt from way before the show was coming to performance time. Great team... The promotion for the event was done well with the event poster up from months before and videos posted regularly on page which pretty much guaranteed a sizeable audience. Plenty of time for sound checking and sound people were flexible and helpful. I also really liked the idea of the meet-and-greet after the show where any one could talk to Don Ross and people could share their own experience of the show. Hope we could be a part of it again sometime in the future!
— Benji Cachia (The Ranch)
Tao Productions get to Malta world-class artists, thereby widening the local cultural import spectrum. Frank, the main man behind Tao also goes the extra mile by organising workshops and masterclasses for local upcoming musicians.
— Justin Galea (Cultural Operator / KazinSka founder)
It has been exquisite to be part of the Andy Mckee Concert and mostly to experience the professional team at Tao Productions. They actually made everything so smooth, so mastered, so perfectly beautiful, real, an awe for everyone present. Simply excellent at every level and in every moment. Well done to Frankie Calleja and all his team and most best regards for the future concerts and events they are to born and share. i ll be there not missing it definitely !
— Claire Tonna (Singer / Songwriter)
I had an amazing time at both TAO concerts, first with Don Ross and then with Andy McKee, world class local musicians supporting on both occasions. These concerts were the first of their kind for Malta and they were executed beautifully! Kudos to the man behind this venture, Frankie, for his love and passion for music as well as his drive and determination to deliver something fresh and unique to the Maltese music scene. I am very looking forward to the next gigs!
— Ben Vincenti (Trackage Scheme Founder)
Was honoured to be given the chance to open for Don Ross last November. The event was flawless in organisation and a dream come true for myself and many others. The Follow Up event was even better with Andy Mckee! What a great privilege It has been to witness two of the best contemporary fingerstyle Guitar Players in the world right on our doorstep. Very much looking forward to Upcoming events from TAO Productions!
— Andrew Francica
I had the great privilege of attending a Masterclass with Andy McKee. For me personally it was a dream come true. I would like to thank Frankie Calleja for his initiative and determination. It takes courage and guts to risk time and money in a niche away from the pop music scene in Malta. respect!
— Charles Busuttil (Band Aid Director)
TAO/Frankie great selfless organisation of events. Andy McKee event was flawless, incredible sound and meticulous organisation. Well done.
— Christopher Busuttil (Evolve Ltd Managing Director)